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A PROGRAMME Is a work plan designed to exercise one or more muscular groups.
For example, you can work the pecs and the triceps.
Is an action. For example, the bench press, pull-ups.
The movement is the basic unit of the series.
THE REPETITIONS or REPS. Vary depending on the targeted objective.
They consist in carrying out the same action successively without a break.
Example: 10 bench presses.
THE SERIES Is the succession of these ten, fifteen, two or one repetitions.
In a program, for a particular movement such as the bench press, you can do:
    1 series of 15 reps to warm up.
    2 series of 8 reps.
    2 series of 2 to 3 reps
    1 series of 8 reps.

The success of the training is precisely based on this subtle blend of series and repetitions which you learn to manage more or less easily with experience.

Doing one series per exercise is more circuit training than pure bodybuilding.

In bodybuilding, the aim is to achieve muscular congestion by repeating the series of the same movement.

However, you are recommended to vary the repetitions and also modify the loads.