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Although stretching exercises were ignored for many years in sport, POST-EXERCISE STRETCHING is now an accepted part of the training routine.
Its purpose is not the same as the stretching exercises carried out when limbering up.
Pre-exercise stretching is part of the dynamic phase of the work when warming up, whereas post-exercise stretching is carried out after the effort as such - intensive training or competition - to "cool down" the muscular system, in the recuperation phase.

And after the competition or training so that the muscles recover their initial elasticity, in order to avoid permanent tension on the tendons.

It is quite easy to identify a muscle which requires special attention:
Take the thigh for example. If it feels painful, slide two fingers over the painful area. You can clearly feel the presence of harder and more painful lumps: the contracture areas.
Deep massage is required, together with stretching. If you ignore this problem you will soon suffer from tendinitis around the knees, since the tendons will be kept under tension by prolonged shortening of the quadriceps.

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      Post-exercise stretching is carried out during the recuperation or cooling down phase as opposed to pre-exercise stretching which is carried out during warming up.
Keep in great shape everyone!