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The GLOSSARY provides clear answers, in terms which are easy to understand by most of the site's visitors, to questions regarding physical exercise, bodybuilding, fitness, etc.

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It provides an overview on dietetics, some advice on typical movements, why the abdominals should be worked in one way rather than another, how to pick up a barbell, what crunches are, etc.

I did not want to turn it into a lecture or restrict it to the elite of the intellectuals in this field, who expound their theories at great length in numerous magazines and books.

Students will find that my explanations are somewhat sketchy, but I am a man of the field, and people often ask me in my club questions like:
    Where exactly is the anterior shoulder?
    I have seen future PE teachers in their 4th year of studies doing an exercise on the lower pectorals telling me that they were working the lateral shoulders.
So too bad if I have kept it simple, but I wanted the explanations to be clear and above all accessible to the large majority of my visitors.

Enjoy your visit.