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    The ABDOMINALS play a very special role in man.
    Should we worry about having love handles or is it normal to have this fat?
    Unlike other muscles, they do not cover a bone, like in the arms, thighs and legs.

    The abdominals generate movements:
      Front flexion - rectus abdominis muscles -
      Lateral flexion - quadratus lumborum -
      Rotation - obliques.

    They play a role in breathing, since the diaphragm is attached to them.
    Singers need to have perfect control of this abdominal breathing.

    They play a role of containment: they restrain the organs of the digestive system.
    This task is mainly carried out by the transversus abdominis muscle which has a very specific structure in the abdominal chain.
    ANATOMY Anatomic plates. See.
    TECHNIQUE Basic principles to work the abdominals.
    This page takes a long time to load, but it is important to read it, however, in order to prevent problems in the lumbar region. See.
    EXERCISES Animated demonstrations to work the abdominals depending on the particular area required.
    These demonstrations are available on the site MUSCUL.COM
    LOSING YOUR STOMACH It is essential to associate strict diet rules with the physical exercise if you want to achieve a positive aesthetic result.
    Abdominal work done properly, in other words technically executed correctly, will shorten the rectus abdominis muscle but will do little to reduce the surface layer of fat.

    The rolls of fat on the sides, the famous "love handles" may in fact be the obliques.
    Experienced bodybuilders have long given up intensive training of this region to avoid enlarging the waist and to emphasise the "V" of the back.
    True or false?

    Is it necessary to cover the stomach with
    plastic sheets to get rid of the fat?

      This technique is extremely uncomfortable, but above all it would tend to demonstrate that you can get rid of the fat in a given region by simply raising the temperature.
      The body does not react like a piece of lard in the frying pan.
    Is the rowing machine really efficient for the abdominals?
      The rowing machine works the following muscular chains:
        the quadriceps, glutei, lumbars, dorsals, biceps, forearms.
        Consequently, it is totally inefficient for the abdominals.
        The same applies for the bicycle, the walker and the Healthrider.
        The effects are indirect - see the next question.

    Will cardio-training (walking, running, cycling, etc.) help me lose my stomach?
      Obviously, regular practice of a physical activity burns energy directly, but also indirectly by increasing the basic metabolism: your body runs faster and permanently burns more calories. Read.
      Advantages and disadvantages of jogging. Read
        Bad back. Why do I get a bad back when working the abdominals, even though I use an abdo board?
          The working position is probably incorrect.
          Either the legs tend to move too much, or the feet are blocked, in both cases the iliopsoas and the rectus femoris are worked. Understand. This page takes a long time to load due to the animations.
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