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The advantage with jogging is the complete independence possible as regards training:
To go running, you do not need a gymnasium or a caretaker. You can go wherever you want, even when you are on a business trip. Anywhere in the world. Absolute freedom.
You can run at any time of the day or night, adapting your training times to your work schedule.
Alone or accompanied
Some prefer solitude and time to think, others endless discussions, everyone can find what they are looking for.
Depending on the time available and the objectives you have set yourself, you can go out running between1 to 5 times a week.
It may range from simple jogging just to keep fit, to training for a marathon, or even more.
You are only fighting against yourself. You are your own adversary, simply run at your own pace and you win.
I would wait for the end of puberty before "seriously" tackling long distance running, once the heart transformations are finished.
You often come across fit 70-year-olds in parks, out on their morning run.
DISADVANTAGES Before any physical activity, it is important to check the condition of the machine:
    A medical check-up is a must, especially as you grow older.
    The first signs of fat encourage you to go running, in other words the 40 - 45 year old bracket, the critical age. So, caution.
    The lack of technique combined with the desire to overdo it generally leads to tendinitis.
    Excess weight and the same lack of technique will cause pains in the lumbar region and the knees.
    The famous "when I was ... I used to" leads to a heart attack!
  • Duration of the sessions
    10 to 15 min with a few minutes walk half way.
    These sessions can be progressively increased up to 20 min at the end of the first month, without taking a break half way.
    As long as you train 3 times a week.
    You might find this programme ridiculous, but it is the most difficult and most important part to respect.
    You start with a totally inactive body then, suddenly, you give it a shock by going running for 3/4 of an hour. You are heading straight for problems.

  • Stride
    The stride must be as linear as possible, just above the ground. Do not leap.
    Hold yourself straight, arms half-bent, hands below the elbows and open.
    The head must not move. Patience: You need 4 to 5 years before tackling a marathon. Nothing stops you from running a marathon before then, just to see, but avoid stupid bets:
    "I'll train for 2 months then we'll do the London marathon together."

  • Shoes
    It goes without saying, but we'll say it anyway:
    running shoes are "ESSENTIAL".
    It is not a question of showing off, never run with basket-ball boots or tennis shoes. It is the same as taking a Formula 1 racing car to go on a rally in the Sahara desert, except that in this case, you are the one who will suffer.

  • Gear
    Depending on the season, you must be comfortable.
    Wearing jumpers and anoraks in full summer will not help you lose weight.
    The result will simply be serious hydric and mineral salt imbalance.
    If it is sunny, wear a cap and a T-shirt.
This is the most important thing.
Even though it is essential to drink while you are running, you rarely meet a jogger carrying a bottle: frightened of looking ridiculous, unaware of the need or simply hoping to burn off the fat more quickly?

Before you take up running again, buy a water bottle belt.
It is as important as if you stopped breathing.
You cannot run without breathing, you cannot run without drinking.
Take a mouthful every 10 minutes.

Drinking does not tire you out!
Drinking does not make you out of breath.

Water is the body's lubricant.
Without water, your blood thickens and the oxygen is not transported so efficiently.
Without water, your tendons are no longer lubricated, they heat up and the result is tendinitis.

Drinking before you go out or when you come back is not enough,
it is
essential to drink DURING

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