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It is rare that someone who has never done any bodybuilding does not mention the problem of risks.
It is important to be aware of them..
We discuss this subject since people think that bodybuilding can be a dangerous activity.
The BACK Many of you decide to do some exercise because you have a bad back. They often come further to recommendations by their doctors.
In this case, which exercises should be avoided:
  • The SQUAT: bending the legs with a barbell across the shoulders!
  • The BEHIND THE NECK PRESS: press with a barbell behind the head, either standing up or sitting down.
  • The ABDO BOARDS: Read the chapter about this subject.
  • The ABDOMINALS: There are good and bad ways to do them.
The back is a region which is generally poorly defined by the public:
It starts from the neck and stops at the buttocks.
Starting from this information, the teacher has to try and find which region is really concerned.

The KNEES Women, more than men, are concerned by knee problems.
I can just imagine all the men who say they have knee problems, after a football, skiing or basketball accident.
Unfortunately, women do not need to practise all these sports to have problems!
This is why fitness centres need to provide suitable equipment, since women generally go for two reasons:
Stomach and buttocks.

The simplest technique to work the glutei is to do knee bends on a press or by squatting.
But this puts stress on the knees, so work on special gluteus machines or with weighted soles is required (see in the site).
KEEPING THINGS IN PERSPECTIVE People who have done no physical education for years suddenly start to get worried about their health. In two or three sessions, they want to wipe out the effects of decades of inactivity and traumas!

It makes me laugh when a charming young woman comes to see me for her glutei, or a young man asks me how long it will take him to develop his pectorals, and both stink of tobacco.

There is more to health than a pair of buttocks or pectorals!
Health comes from within, so let's keep things in perspective.
It is more important to adopt a healthy lifestyle.
Cut out alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and let the fitness professionals do their jobs.

After 30 years in the business, out of thousands of customers, I have seen a few pulled muscles, hypoglycaemia (especially in women in the middle of a completely unbalanced diet), cramps, but nothing really justifying these fears and worries.

You do not ask yourself so many questions when you get on your mountain bike without a helmet, when you go out jogging for an hour without drinking, when you telephone while driving or when you have a young child on your knees in the front of the car.

So, let's keep things in perspective, BODYBUILDING is not dangerous. The most dangerous thing that happened to us was being born since, inevitably, it leads to death.

If you want to develop your muscles, do so. There are no risks and it is better than doing nothing.

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