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    We offer a useful tool to create your training plans and programmes,

      - your sport,
      - your level,
      - the equipment you have,
      - your age.

      1 - Consult application examples.
      2 - Open a group of thumbnails containing all the bodybuilding, gym and stretching exercises shown on the site.
      3 - Open and save a spreadsheet, EXCEL© type for example.
      4 - Organise your screen as below.
      5 - Copy and paste the thumbnails you have selected*.
      • THINK about using key F11 to switch into full screen mode.

      • Simply DRAG AND DROP the image onto the spreadsheet.
        The link is produced automatically to the gif animated demonstration.

      • THINK about using the "ALT" + "TAB" combination to switch from one screen to another.

          * Depending on your spreadsheet version, you may need to use the command:
          "Special paste".
      6 - You can:
        print it,
        send it as an attachment to someone else,
        place it on a server in its original form or in HTML format so that it can be accessed by everyone.