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You often read articles concerning this subject in the specialised press.
It is difficult to exclude this movement from physical training, since it is represents an excellent method of working all the muscular chains involved.

  • Vertebral groove,
  • Lumbars (with the abdos for locking),
  • Glutei,
  • Quadriceps (with the adductors, depending on the position of the feet),
  • Hamstrings,
  • Calves (a little, as extensor muscles),


If man could transform his body with a single exercise, it would be wonderful and everyone would know about it!

Fortunately, it is not the only exercise for the thighs, since for various reasons not everyone can do it.
It can be replaced by work on the press or by lunges.

But in this case we are only talking about the lower limbs. Obviously, the squat has no effect on the pecs, the shoulders, the dorsals or the arms.

The effects of the squat will be more visible on a scale after a few months than intensive work on the biceps!

But one does not exclude the other.


The answer will be short, simple and obvious, the deadlift works:
  • Vertebral groove,
  • Lumbars,
  • Glutei,
  • Hamstrings.
Both exercises can easily be included alternately in a thigh programme, provided that you exercise on the press the day you do the deadlift.

Consequently, there are no "miracle" exercises
to develop muscle tissue.
The squat is one of the basic movements, like the bench press for the pecs, pull-ups for the dorsals and the behind the neck press for the shoulders.


As I said on the site in the description of exercises,
the squat: Squat and the deadlift: Deadlift.
are DANGEROUS exercises for beginners.

It is therefore essential to strengthen the spine and know your body well before setting out on the adventure.

Whenever possible work with a partner or better still, an instructor, who can correct you and support you if necessary.

Do not cut corners, bodybuilding is an endurance race where you always pay for your mistakes.