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People frequently cheat on the exercise shown opposite.
When you reach the end of the series, by pushing on the legs it is easy to lift the stomach and consequently the lower part of the chest cavity by rearing up.
This makes it easier to push the load.
WHY? Simply by working the middle pectorals instead of the upper region which you are supposed to be exercising.
This is only one example of many:
Rounding the back when doing the squat.
Rounding the back when doing the deadlift.
Swinging the chest when working the biceps.
Moving the elbows when doing triceps exercises.
Rounding the back when doing all types of pulley tractions.
Helping yourself with the arms when doing abdominal exercises, etc.

Unfortunately, this list is not exhaustive, you can keep on
adding to it.


Correct execution.

Incorrect execution.
Undoubtedly, the main reason why you cheat is to be able to lift the weights you set yourself as objectives.
It would be interesting to defining the purpose of training:
Improve your looks, your muscular efficiency or
Lift weights like a brute just for the sake of lifting them, whatever the cost?

Before starting a movement, study your position.
Adjust your stance:
    You are lying on a bench,
    You are sitting on a bench
    You place one leg forward or backward depending on the movement you are going to make.
    In short, if you do not start the movement correctly, you will not finish it correctly. It is like building a house on swampy ground.
Now that you have the foundations right, you can start on the real work.
You overestimated your possibilities, you want to show off or simply say to yourself: "I can do it". From then on, you cheat.

Under the load, you will move your supports, you locked your spine carefully at the start then you change position.
You are the ideal target for a pulled muscle or a strained tendon.


I have often heard the following reply:
"I want to give it everything I've got"
I have nothing against this personally, it is quite commendable, but on one condition:
Do not damage another region. I see no point in working Paul if it is just to destroy Peter and if Jack is unable to train for several weeks.

  • Either you made a mistake estimating your possibilities at the start, and in this case, if you feel that the load is getting too heavy, you stop and unload before starting again more sensibly.
  • Or you work with a partner who takes off some of the load during the last few repetitions.
    This method is by far the best.
When you cheat, you cheat yourself.
The objective of bodybuilding is to improve physically. If it is just to lift up a piece of steel, remember that the steel itself does not give a damn. If it is to impress your mates, I cannot see the point if two hours later you end up being broken for several weeks!
If you cheat doing the squat or the deadlift you may regret it for the rest of your life, suffering from lumbar pains.

In physical education, we find the word "education".
The aim is to improve your body as much as possible, remaining honest with yourself and without worrying about what other people think.