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THE GYM. For or against?

Practical Training must be carried out nearly every day.
The less time you spend travelling, the longer you can train.

If there are no clubs nearby, it is best to train at home.
Do not travel to the other side of the town to train.
For optimum conditions, it has been demonstrated that, statistically, the club should be located within a 7 min radius of your work, your house, or be on the route between home and work.
Equipment You need a minimum amount of equipment:
Adjustable dumbbells are better, since you can vary the loads according to your requirements and as you progress.
To work the dorsals, a fixed bar is essential, but a pulley allows gentler progression.
In this respect, the club is better.
You will find it difficult to equip your home with the same variety of equipment available in a fitness club.
Tip If you are a beginner, there is one serious drawback in training at home.
It is difficult to correct oneself, even in front of a mirror. Very few people, who are not athletes, have any notion of their body structure.
Even if you think that you are performing an exercise properly, the basic positions are likely to be incorrect.
Instructors are there to help you choose the right exercises and in particular to check that the movements are correct.
If you do not like one particular exercise, if you have a permanent or temporary physical problem, they will be able to suggest others instead.
Psychology You need an awful lot of determination to train on your own, in front of your mirror, with a pair of dumbbells!

It is a question of temperament.
It is impossible to separate the mental and physical aspects.
The club represents a context, a place where people with the same motivation gather.
People always speak of the "CLUB" atmosphere.
The "CLUB" offers an atmosphere which is soft, tonic, clean or smelling of sweat, there is a club for every preference and every budget.
It is easy to find training partners who have the same level as you.
Investments You decide to install your gym in the garage
or simply to buy a rowing machine to do your abdos.
(The rowing machine has no effect on abdos! refer to the "abdos" section).
Think about all the bicycles, rowing machines, steppers, walkers, etc. lying unused in cupboards or under the beds.
Visit the second-hand shops, you are sure to find what you are looking for at a give-away price.
If you are a complete beginner or if you do not know the gym, do not sign on for a year and certainly not for two or three.
You may like the instructors the first year, but bear in mind that there is a high turnover with the seasons.
Clubs receive numerous requests from training centres to take on trainee instructors. Once their course is over, they are not systematically hired in the club.
You may also want to do bodybuilding or gymnastics for only 3 or 4 months during the year.
You might like pizza but feel like having curry or lasagne. So think about it, 3 years pizza, it's a long time.
If you are proposed payment by direct debit, bear in mind that it is a loan.
Once you have signed, the club may be quite different.