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A subject of concern for many of you.
Beginners may make fast progress … after a few aches. But it is a new experience and it is easy to keep up.
The problem is the same whether you train at home or in a club. Statistics speak for themselves, very few people are still there after the first three months and those who see out the year can be considered as heroes.
Clubs are perfectly aware of this fact, which is why most of them propose annual subscriptions. They would be unable to cope if all their members turned up regularly.
You must bear in mind that a bodybuilding gym is filled with 50 members training 2 hours every night. At this rate, the clubs are far from breaking even.

Back from the summer holidays or at the start of January, the big decision is made: you are going to look after your body. The week is completely reorganised to be able to fit in the sessions, and off you go. With just one grain of sand in the works, everything stops and the good resolutions are put off till another day.
Why is this?
Very often, the objectives you set yourself are simply too ambitious. Family obligations are frequent and likely to make themselves felt very quickly. The same applies for professional, or quite simply social, problems. You cannot refuse to see your friends, stop going out with them just because you have decided to look after yourself!
So, rather than forcing yourself to do two hours a day, when your timetable is already overbooked, test your motivation to look after yourself regularly with this quick and easy method:
If you have to go somewhere, walk.
You will soon see that quite often, it will not take any longer on foot than in the car.
Above all, you will easily check just how motivated you are and will appreciate the benefit this brings.
But, you tell me, for the arms, the pectorals, the dorsals and the shoulders, this technique is not very good. I agree, it is simply a pleasant test, which does you a great deal of good and which will allow you to use whatever time you have available to look after yourself regularly, instead of making a one-year commitment in a club and only going there the day you signed your subscription.
If the test is positive, I cannot see any reason why you should not start out on the fitness and bodybuilding adventure.

It depends on your temperament.
If you think that you will not manage on your own or if you go to a club with a friend who is not very motivated, you are likely to stop very soon.
I would tend to be more in favour of making friends with someone in the club.
In bodybuilding, for example, it is easy to meet someone with the same build as you, with similar motivations, almost identical muscular strength. This avoids having to readjust the machines on each series, permanently loading and unloading the barbells. You motivate each other and you share your sensations and the progress you make regularly.
This method also allows you to meet new faces, outside the family, work or social context.

The first thing to be avoided, for a boy for example, is to say:
"In three months, I want to be like Arnold." Or, "in two months time it's summer, I want to have rippling abdos and lose 15 kg, but continue drinking my favourite soft drink."
The final objective is one thing, but to reach it you must set yourself humanly realistic challenges.
Start by saying, "In two months time, I want to have lost once and for all the habit of drinking my filthy soft drink." Then, you will move on to second step: force yourself to walk 45 minutes a day, this must not be an obligation but a pleasure.
You must climb the rungs of a ladder one at a time, without trying to skip any. Each one helps to build the new "YOU".

With realistic objectives, you limit the risk of failure.
Mentally, you will progressively become stronger. If your objective is too difficult to reach, you will fail, you will be ashamed with respect to your family and friends, and yourself.
You will feel you are a loser.
Remember that mind and body are closely linked, like sport and everyday life.
When practising a sport, your experience
every type of situation that life has to offer.
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