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Pull-ups and triceps.

Cycling and abdominals.

Close grip presses.

Pull over.


Speed and bodybuilding.


The purpose of this section is to get rid of numerous preconceived ideas.
Those which are passed on with the benediction of sacrosanct popular tradition.

The problem with preconceived ideas is that they are rather like rumours.
They may make you smile or even laugh, but the consequences can be disastrous.

They often spread without any good reason, sometimes recommending the exact opposite of what should really be done.

For example, when someone faints, do whatever you can to keep them standing up.
In actual fact, the brain is short of blood and the first thing to do is therefore to make the person lie down with the legs raised.

  • Bodybuilding, yes, but once you are 18.
  • Cycling works the abdominals.
  • Lift two dumbells, held together, to work the middle of the pectorals, etc.
However, since I felt this section should not be one-sided,
I wanted to publish your reactions with your arguments.
These were added during the year after the subjects were published.