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WELCOME to this dietetics section, especially intended for athletes!

BALANCED DIET It is based on the dietetic rules applied to the practice of a sporting activity. It is essential to adopt a balanced diet adapted and customised to the athlete's requirements, for three main reasons:
    Avoid a feeling of exhaustion during the effort.
    Improve recuperation after the effort.
    Keep your ideal weight.

Planning the diet is just as important as planning the training program. Obviously, a balanced diet will not guarantee success for every athlete, but at least it will only be the ability and physical condition, rather than a diet error, which will bring victory to one of the opponents. Including a balanced diet in the athlete's preparation can make all the difference.
It could provide that "extra edge" which will bring success during difficult competitions.


Including mental preparation in an athlete's preparation may be an additional advantage, irrespective of the sport.
It may be essential in some situations of maximum stress.
A strong mind is a clear advantage over the other competitors!
This approach will help you overcome the psychological barriers which prevent top performance and therefore reduce the chances of success.

An initial check will allow you to detect the points where work is needed. This work is carried out individually or in a group (in the latter case, plan extra individual sessions).

In collective sports, group cohesion is increased since the approach takes account of each individual member as part of a team.
A work schedule is prepared according to the competition calendar.

Many athletes are already convinced of the importance of mental preparation; its beneficial effects in the sporting world need no further proof, its techniques have been widely used since the early 90's.