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Can I take a shower after training ?

The subject question might well bring a smile to the face of a novice, but one shouldn't ignore the influence of water, whether it be hot or cold, on a human body that has just undertaken exercise.

We’ll try and cast a little light on the subject.

This question has come up on numerous occasions over the years I’ve run my own gym…
One should understand that one of the objectives of bodybuilding is to increase the blood to a certain part of the body.

As the months pass, one becomes more and more aware of one’s own body, mentally improving the unconscious brain’s understanding of one's muscles and the form of one's body. This mental concentration improves over time, and in the end, leads to improved muscular build-up.

At the end of a training session one has the impression of having ‘grown’.
This is true, but, unfortunately, the blood doesn’t stay put in the small capillaries running through the biceps and pectoral muscles.

SHOULD I WASH ? To this purposely peculiar question, I’d answer…
    It depends on two factors :
      - The activity being practiced.
      - What you are doing afterwards.
TYPE OF ACTIVITY. Whether working at home, or in the gym, the activities can be classified under one of two categories :
      In this case, there’s no hesitation, a quick, warm shower after a few minutes relaxation.
      The build up of blood in the muscles is of little importance as you’ve been doing aerobic exercises - working on the overall circulation. That is to say, the left-hand side of the heart, ground-work and breathing.Normally, you’ll have been perspiring freely, and it’s important you don’t spend too much time wearing wet clothing.

      I’d also include CIRCUIT-TRAINING in this class, as its effects are relatively similar.

      Muscle training automatically means attempting to build-up the flow of blood to the fibres of the muscles ( anaerobic work), this requires a little more thought and moderation at the end of a seance.
      In this case, the question "What's happening next ?", should be asked, whether you've been training moderately or really attempting HARDCORE work. !
WHAT'S HAPPENING NEXT. After bodybuilding, you must take time to relax.
However, if you’re training in the morning before going to work, you can't put on your suit without having taken a shower.

So, as before, you should take as short a shower as possible, using water at as close as possible to body temperature.
During this type of activity, the body perspires less than during cardio-vascular training.

THE IDEAL SITUATION is to be able to change into clean, dry, warm clothing set aside for this very purpose during the relaxation period (about 3 hours), which of course doesn't stop you doing other things! and to shower afterwards.

It is, of course, far easier to follow these recommendations if you train in the evening.However, if you’re working shifts, just train early enough the morning so you can leave time to take a shower just before leaving for work.

WATER TEMPERATURE. Avoid having the water too hot

The legs don't like the heat, especially in women.
Another recommendation… Hair doesn’t like hot water either.
So wash your hair using as cold a water temperature as possible !

Alternating hot and cold water in a shower should be avoided at all costs after bodybuilding.