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    or EXTREME training.

    By Simon from Canada.

    The file, provided by
    for "club members", was produced jointly by
    Simon for the texts and Michel for the page layout.
    The aim is to demonstrate that the road to becoming a bodybuilder involves numerous experiences, explorations, discoveries and encounters.

    Yes, Simon doped himself.
    His objective in this file is not to praise doping and mine is not to judge whether he was right or wrong.
      He simply tells his story honestly and frankly, so that it can act as a warning to young people who might be attracted by this aspect of Hardcore Bodybuilding.
    He no longer takes illicit and dangerous substances and has not done so for a long time. This was also his choice.

    His story is full of choices to be made and decisions to be taken. He took them freely and responsibly. He was able to question some of them.
    He never made "bad" choices. They all corresponded to a need at the time, those which could be considered as failures were in fact intermediate and essential choices leading to a better solution than the previous one.

    Yes, Simon is excessive.
    I asked him to participate in this site because he is above all a "good baddy", an enthusiast like most of you.

    I know that numerous readers do not agree with his way of doing things, but does he agree with yours?

    Simon and I, Michel, are two totally different people.
    Through the site, you can see my way of going about weight training and bodybuilding. But there are others.
    Simon's is a different way, but there are thousands of others.
    JUST A BOY left a message on the forum this morning to say that he had discovered a fantastic way: his training had become a game.
    Considering his young age, he had just found what was right for him.

    You know, the one most beginners are clamouring for.

      "So, what is the difference between a beginner and an old hand?"

      The beginner thinks that the old hand knows it all,
      The old hand knows that there is still much to learn.

    I will make comments in the pages that Simon wrote himself.
    The comments are given to warn beginners, so that they do not get involved in hardcore practices which could be dangerous without years of practice.

    My comments are given in green italics.